Removed - Beagle - Ban Appeal

Ingame Name: Beagle
Stem Name: SneakyGecko963
Baned for teamkilling

Appeal: Absolutely not intentional, can only think lag was the reason. Did not even witness the incident on my screen, or see a dead team mate after it happened.

Admin: Bandit Angel


I will reduce the ban but I want you to consider the following: You may not have seen the teamkill happen because of lag like you say but you do need to be a bit more conscientious to the chat when an admin is talking to you about an offense like this. The thing that bothered me was that this happened directly in front of me, you did not acknowledge the teamkill and apologize, and did not respond to my message in game. I will reduce the ban to time served but please be more careful in the future. I would like you to know I do appreciate your attitude, honesty and acceptance of an honest mistake per our conversation in teamspeak and I do not believe this will happen again.