Removed - Bobby - Ban Appeal

  1. Bobby
  2. Steam Community :: Ricky Bobby
  3. You were kicked off the game. (BattleEye: Admin Kick(Restricted Mod - Cheating Permanent - Join TeamSpeak to discuss))
  4. Didn’t say the name of the admin. I was banned around 10:40 to 10:55 PM central daylight time
  5. I host an Antistasi server on my PC and i was testing out mods that allowed you to spawn things in so my friends and i could play without having to spend so much time grinding for vehicles and guns. I had the mod SSPCM loaded, i went straight from testing out the scenario in the eden editor to trying to join the Malden server not realizing i still had the mod loaded and that i needed to relog without it loaded. This was an honest mistake and i would never have a reason to cheat in any NAK servers. I’ve used NAK servers for multiple years now and i would really like to continue playing on you’r servers. I’d also like to point out that it said i was cheating/hacking, i didn’t even get into the server with the mod loaded. It gave me the error message before i connected, i don’t believe i caused any damage. I’d really appreciate my ban being removed.

Thank you

Well I will say thank you for realizing that your mods can cause damage to our servers.

VileAce will be the person to talk to regarding this. You may either wait for a reply here or find him on TeamSpeak. I do believe he is fine with having a discussion on TeamSpeak about this.

First just to be clear, the ban says “Restricted Mod - Cheating” it does not mention hacking. Other than that I have three concerns, and I believe that we already spoke on TeamSpeak. My first concern is, what would you have done if we had let you on the server with the mod? Second, the fact that you had the mod loaded was cheating, we have a list of approved and restricted mods, this mod is clearly listed as a restricted mod. Third, the “Cheat Menu” was not the only restricted mod that you had loaded, there is no way that we can prevent all restricted mods from the server, though we try very hard, how can we be sure that you will not continue to load restricted mods?

For your first question i didn’t even know i had those loaded, i would have done nothing and just played the same way i normally do. I now know you have a list of mods that are allowed and restricted, like i said i forgot that i had them loaded and accidentally joined not thinking about my mods. After i got banned i checked the mods i had and it was just CBA and SSPCM. I completely understand that there isn’t anything i can really do to prove that i wont load any restricted mods. What i can say is that it was an honest mistake loading in with those mods and i had no intentions of cheating and i can also say that i promise to not load in with restricted mods if my ban is removed. Once again i understand that it would be hard to trust me but id really appreciate it if you gave me the chance to play on your servers again.

I will remove the ban and give you one more chance. Please be aware, joining the server with any mods created specifically for cheating will be met with a permanent ban. Please consider making a mod preset for NAK Servers.

Animated GIF of making a mod preset for those that do not know how.

Thank you so much for removing the ban, i just made a preset for NAK.