Removed - Boyob's - ban appeal

  1. Exact in game name. (Yes, we will know if you attempted to change your name, all aliases are bound to your steam account, so give us all of your aliases) Boyob
  2. Player Steam profile copy here : 76561198357912569/
  3. Screenshot, or word for word the ban message given upon entering. Screenshot - 17225be51c45169f85aa33a4cc7b8ba7 - Gyazo
  4. Name of the admin, and approximate time of ban and the server you were banned from. VileAce
  5. Any explanation or justification. Reason the ban should be lifted. So what happened was I was engaging in combat with some Spetsnaz, when all of a sudden some hacker put me and the entire server in a congo line and we started flying across the map, I had really no idea what happened because after 10 seconds of flying we all exploded and I got perma banned…
    So in my view it was false.

You were banned because in the 2 days that you have connected to our server you have had 10 script restrictions, meaning that you are using mods that are not allowed on the server. If you would have identified the script restriction in the first couple connection attempts , search our allowed and restricted mod list, or asked an admin about the restriction, you would not be in this situation. But trying over and over, appears to be looking for vulnerabilities in the system, hence hacking.

8:39 AM Player Boyob was kicked (Script Restriction #31) by
8:50 AM Player Boyob was kicked (Script Restriction #31) by
5:53 PM Player Boyob was kicked (Script Restriction #31) by
11:57 PM Player Boyob was kicked (Script Restriction #32) by
01/03/2019 12:01 AM Player Boyob was kicked (Script Restriction #32) by
12:26 AM Player Boyob was kicked (Script Restriction #31) by
12:34 AM Player Boyob was kicked (Script Restriction #31) by
12:01 AM Player Boyob was kicked (Script Restriction #32) by
12:26 AM Player Boyob was kicked (Script Restriction #31) by
12:34 AM Player Boyob was kicked (Script Restriction #31) by

After every kick I tried to disable mods, but I kept getting #31 or #32 after halo jumping or death.

Also I was never the one that flew the congo line and I was pretty sure somebody fired a launcher at somebody else and got us all killed so.

And I did ask people about the restrictions and did check the list.

If you checked the list, did you figure out which mod it was? and if you didnt and you dont see it in the list tell them which one it is?

best bet is disable all mods and only enable the ones you know are allowed… doing it the other way is ‘try and error’ to figure out how to get passed the mod banlist, ie. trying to find a loophole in the restrictions.

there is only 1 mod that is listed both allowed and not allowed and thats tfar radio and depends what server you are on. sort by the ‘restricted’ column.

First I never said that you were the individual that caused the “conga line”, I just happened to find your script restrictions while looking for him. Second there are no mods on our allowed list that will cause the script restrictions. At the very top of the allowed and restricted mods page it says "Any mod not specifically listed as allowed is restricted. ". Last asking other players is defiantly not the same as asking an admin. Although many players want to be helpful they are not the experts on how our system runs. I looked back at your chat log and did not find any evidence of you asking other players or asking for an admin to help.

Export the exact mod list you were using, I will know if you remove any mods, and I will review it. If I find any mods that are harmful or if I find that you modified the list, the ban will remain. Attach the list here, you will need to zip it before attaching it.

Or can I send you a photo of all the mods I have?

Theres 2 seperate photos because the list is too large to fit in one.

It does not look like you attached the images. To export your list go into the Arma 3 Launcher load the mods you were using, then click on “More”. Select export list of mods to a file, and select loaded mods only. This will create an HTML file. Zip that and attach to this post or post it somewhere , google drive etc, where I can access it.

No like I meant I would give you the gyazo of my mod list.
Which actually is right here.


Many of the mods listed are restricted on our servers. You obviously did not check the list of allowed and restricted mods like you said you did. Go through the list and after you have done that post the mods that you intend to use on our servers and I will make a determination.

I’ve come to just restrict it to just these mods.
Tell me if this is alright.

I’ll also be looking into the list and be downloading more mods that are allowed.

Boyob you were not banned when this happened, and if this is how you feel about our Community, ( I have no problem leaving your ban as is.

T’was not talking shit about you. Was talking shit about the “victim” Luftwaffel

ArmCandy Insignia Pack is not on the approved list because it is unsigned.

Also, not trying to flame, but I was banned when it happened. January 2nd 2019 2:15 PM EST.

okay, though it is not needed. Our community is a little different than most, in that we do not allow players to talk down to each other. I know that it takes a little to get used to, as most gaming communities are full of players calling each other names, etc, but we want to have a mature, respectful place to enjoy Arma.

that is when he was banned our server time, you were banned 01/03/2019 1:58 AM our server time. 12 hours later

Oh well, okay then.
What happens now?