Removed (Conditional) - ban appeal kossi

Please use the temple below for your ban appeal.

    (Yes, we will know if you attempted to change your name, all aliases are bound to your steam account. Provide the name you were using when you were banned.)
  2. YOUR STEAMID 64:Steam Community :: Kossi
    Instructions to retrieve your SteamID 64
    Option 1
    Access your Steam Community Profile URL in any web browser
    At the end of the URL add ‘?xml=1’ without quotations and press Enter.
    The web page will change; search for ‘’ and copy the number immediately following.
    Option 2
    (Appears in the ban message)
  7. ANY EXPLANATION OR JUSTIFICATION FOR WHY THE BAN SHOULD BE LIFTED:im really not sure why i got banned im not really using any cheats and i really like the server

not really using any cheats

that is not really convincing.

06/19/2020 at 17:32:46 kossix fd1eb353f58410bff971da7f7490a6ff tried to run the following command “bis_fnc_endmission [“endDeath”,false]” (which kills everyone on the server and ends the mission. At the same time you were kicked (Player kossix was kicked (RemoteExec Restriction #1)) to prevent the mission from ending.

I have probable cause that the event took place, as recorded in the logs and the RemoteExec Restriction #1. You will need to explain to me how and why this command was run from your computer.

Kossix was an alt account of mine played from another computer in a netcafe because i was not allowed to use the name is normally use (kossi) there was probably those commands already installed on the computer without me knowing but if you do have the logs you can see on that day nothing happend i just flew cap as normal being on teamspeak and following the rules completly landed and then left normally without getting kicked by a bot or something i know that might be hard to bielieve but its the truth

I’m not worried about the name change. Changing a profile name does not ‘hide’ the account in any way. I am only concerned with the command that was passed to our server “bis_fnc_endmission [“endDeath”,false]” (which kills everyone on the server and ends the mission).

You were kicked by our bot and the information was forwarded to me for review. We take hacking/trolling seriously but do not want to permanently auto ban a player with a bot in case of false positives. I reviewed the information from the logs and confirmed that the command was issued from your computer. After the kick for issuing the command, you rejoined the server within a minute without being kicked again, therefore showing familiarity with the mod or script. You either chose to disable it (if it was a mod) or you realized we had script monitoring, and chose not to run the command a second time.

I will not risk the enjoyment of other players by allowing you back on the server without a very compelling reason why a command to kill everyone and stop the mission was sent from your account.

I am sure thats an error from the report bot cause i never used any hacks or cheats but unfortunately i dont have anything to prove it with…
I guess im gonna be permabanned for a bug on the bot :confused: unless you have a proof that i actually killed and ended mission with that script or hack that actually proves that im lying which im not

and actually i just noticed something the time of the report is kinda off cause im usually working on 17pm i have a feeling that i accidently probably left my account open on the netcafe i was and someone took control of my account well i suppose it was my fault i should have been more careful of my account i totally understand if i stay banned but if i have one more chance i would really appreciate it

As mentioned in the information provided in the ban appeal template -

The owner of the account is responsible for all actions taken on the account. There is no way for us to identify the individual behind the account, therefore a ban will not be lifted because someone else was using your account.

Unless you have any new information, this ban will stand as is and is closed.

That’s totally understandable thanks for taking time to view my ban appeal sorry if something bad came from my account just want to clarify it was not me probs someone else took advantage of my account

Do you recall this conversation?

(Side) X 865: kossix, please turn on your anti collision lights
(Side) kossix: on
(Side) kossix: didnt notice apologizes
(Side) X 865: it’s ok, at least you paid attention and turned them on
(Side) X 865: lots of people don’t

(Side) kossix: havent played in a while how do u repair also rearm the jet
(Side) Swerlys: park the jet next to the bobcat, then freelook onto it to rearm repair and refuel
(Side) X 865: pull up to a bobcat, and it’ll be in your option menu

yes i recall it i was flying a blackwasp i think

Thats from the same computer on the netcafe i probably left my account open cause the only time i used kossix was on the cafe

That conversation was after the ‘endmission’ command was sent. I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt, but it you were still on the computer after the command was sent, it was more than likely sent by a mod that you chose to load, not by someone using your open account.

Like I said I was trying to give you the benefit of the doubt and trying to find some explanation for why the command might have been sent, but the only thing I can think of it that it was intentional, or an unapproved mod. If you can give the exact name of the mod that would have sent that command, without ‘it might have been this or that’, then I will look into it, otherwise the ban will stand as is.

That is actually true i had alot of mods loaded at that time i think that is the majority of them
Blastcore Edited (Standalone Edition)

  • Changes the look of explosions, smoke…

Blast Core: Tracers - FoxFort EDIT

  • Changes the look of tracers

Community Based Addons A3

  • Adds a library of functions and other tools used by other mods
    (This mod is needed for running certain mods in this modpack)

Enhanced Soundscape

  • Enhances in-game sound by adding reverb and echo based on the terrain you are in

Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

  • Changes the helmet mounted displays in most helicopters

ShackTac User Interface

  • Adds a HUD that shows your teammates positions around you when they are in line of sight


  • Adds an effect of being suppressed while under fire

JSRS Soundmod

  • Changes in-game sounds

JSRS Soundmod (Reloads)

  • Addon to the one above, adds new sounds for weapon reloads

ANZINS Terrain

  • Color correction, altered textures for mid-ranges and changes the atmospheric haze

FA-18 Super Hornet
F-16 fighting falcon
F-14 tomcat
F-15 Eagle
but i remember disabling some of them

But if that conversation took place after the endmission took place is mostly unlikely that it was my fault and i think that might have been a bug from the report bot cause i clearly remember that conversation with X 865 and that i took of with my jet shortly flew for like 20min did my job as cap then left willingly from the server and not kicked from a bot but even so i really dont have any evidence to support my claim and i totally understand if i remain banned

There is no bug in the report bot, it does not work that way. As I stated in the last message

If you can give the exact name of the mod that would have sent that command, without ‘it might have been this or that’, then I will look into it, otherwise the ban will stand as is.

The only new ones that i used are probably
FA-18 Super Hornet
F-16 fighting falcon
F-14 tomcat
F-15 Eagle
Might have been one of those but i can not tell you exact which one cause i have no idea

Until definitive information is obtained where the fault can be located, the ban will remain in effect.

any idea how can i find that information?
it was probably a mod that did the job i had so many running at the time any way i can find the exact one?
im not really good at that stuff

You can start by comparing your installed mods with the approved / denied mods list on our website. As far as identifying which one you had running almost 2 weeks ago, you may have a harder time.

Although some of the information you submitted as justification was not correct and at times it felt as if the information you were providing was intentionally misleading, I am going to give you one more chance. If at any time in the next 90 days you load a non approved mod, or generate a script restriction that is at all questionable, the permanent ban will be reinstated.

Of the mods, you said that you loaded, 40% of them were restricted. It is your responsibility to verify the mods you are loading against our approved mods list . Just because you can join the server with a specific mod, does not mean that the mod is approved.

I can tell you that many players have attempted to load various Firewill planes without the mod trying to end the mission and kill everyone on the server.

thank you so much for giving me the second chance and im sorry for using the non approved mods i probably forgot to turn them off i swear you will not regret ur decision