Removed (Conditional) - Sgt. Havoc - Ban Appeal - A possible reduced ban

In game name-Keegen P. Russ
Steam id-Steam Community :: Sgt.Torres
Couldn’t obtain screenshot
Lorenzo/approx. 11/14/18 9-10pm Est

I’m here to make a proposal for a reduced sentence to a ban that happen almost half a year ago with a case of racism.I’d like to point out I did get kick for inappropriate language I will take that I did do that than I hop back on and joined a squad and they discussing some topics of the admins and I did agree by saying “yeah yeah” then they said something about Latinos or African Americans and then I said “well i’m not black but I am Puerto Rican” than there was some laughing and a couple of minutes passed and there was a ban.What I’m trying to say is that I did say yeah like you would nod in real life if you didn’t really care about the discussion.I’m sorry truly I am if I offended anyone but I would really like to rejoin this community and play on the servers and I hope you would consider this.

(Sorry for the grammar mistakes if there is any)

Racism in any form or fashion is not tolerated on our servers, saying that we know that people get caught up in the conversation and they think that no one is listening, it was not only myself that heard the comments that you made, there was also a senior Admin as well that was present and the decision to ban was taken as this is an instant red light. I could consider letting come back but it would be discussed by the Senior Admins and their decision would be the final one. But please make note that we do hear and see everything that goes on our servers and if you are allowed to come back, it would probably be on a probationary basis.

Thanks for the consideration at least

RACISM is not tolerated in any fashion on NAK servers. I agree with Lorenzo on letting you back on a LAST probational second chance. You need to understand we are a community full of all different ethnicity, religions and countries. I will agree with what Lorenzo feels appropriate. We appreciate you taking the time to talk with us.

I am still not sure on the wording but I do believe this is where you got caught up with a few people in group who were being racist and something along the lines of I’m glad I’m not black came out.
The point is this is not a conversation for our servers. There’s no reason to be having racial discussions in game and even though you think we can’t hear what’s going on the fact is we can see AND hear what is going on in the server.

My policy is generally allow a second chance for in-game matters if I believe there is a chance they can come back and be a good player. Racism and those other rules I consider to be out-of-game matters and I generally leave them as permanent as these more accurately reflect what a person is like and how they will act.

I believe I can make an exception in this case and suggest that we allow you back in. All notes and bans will remain on your profile for all admins to see so you will need to conduct yourself in a manner befitting of the rules IF YOU ARE ALLOWED BACK IN.
While your comments could have racist intentions I believe I can give you benefit of the doubt since you are putting forth the effort of a ban appeal 6 months later

Ok so based on the above notes and recommendations I will act on this appeal in a day or two in the event any other admins have additional information to be provided.

Thank you so much! I thought I tried again after 6 months because it seems to be a reasonable time in order for a second attempt instead of waiting a week or a couple of days.I’ll be so happy to rejoin the community and play on the servers again.I’d like to thank the other admins or staff who took time to look over this.

You have handled yourself well during the appeal process. Although we do not agree with your comments, you were not the instigator of the conversation, so we will give you another chance.

Keeping all of the information below in mind, and the fact that any additional bans will be permanent, your ban is reduced to time served.

Sorry if I’m confused that means i’m allowed back in?

Yes you are now allowed to come back in, but please note all what has been said. Thanks.