(Removed ) Cookie - Ban Appeal

1in game name Cookie
2 steam user id Steam Community :: Error
3screenshot of ban message Screenshot - a700ded6eed26ed3f04596bd8d6117ea - Gyazo
4admin banned Auto Ban?
I was playing arma on altis then I went for a drink and when I got back my computer was on the windows page so I thought I had already closed arma so I decided to play some payday which I use a mod loader for hoxhud then I heard the title screen of arma come back and was confused until I looked down at the task bar and realised I still had arma running I believe the auto ban spotted the mod loader for payday and confused it for arma and banned me

I have been playing this server quite a bit lately and have been a transport heli pilot and drone pilot I am sure if you have played you have seen me around and on the teamspeak it is a good server and I want to be able to play on this server again as it was an honest mistake and I did not know I had this open in the background

I hope you take a look into this and come to the conclusion that I didn’t mean any harm as mods for heli pilots do not exist and if they did they would be useless because you would still be able to crash the heli

I am very concerned about this. On 12/17/2018 @ 2:40 PM you were kicked for Script Restriction #37 which is related to an Arma specific cheat tool. Then a week later you get banned for another cheat related tool.

I am going to give you one more chance, unless Claws has other evidence…but if there is one more script restriction related to a cheat system,cheat menu, or injector you will be banned permanently with no appeal.

thank you for this,

I am not sure what happened last week however at some point I did do a team kill by accident I dropped a bomb on a lase and it was friendly it wold have been about last week and It came up with the watch team kill message which froze the screen so I pressed escape and it let me fly the plane more and it came back again until I crashed so I don’t know if this is what happened last week