Removed - DarkHumour107 - Ban Appeal

Hi I’d like to appeal the ban I found on the server

I believe I had the name Firefight88 at the time of the ban or the in game name of Darcy.

I received a permanent ban for Team killing, I’m not sure when the ban was placed on the account it’s been a while since I’ve tried to play but it’s been on for atleast a year as of today.

I let my younger cousin play on my arma account last year during christmas and i’m pretty sure he had been team killing. I don’t have any details on the ban or when it happened other than that. I had a ban on another game for the same reason, he was 10 at the time,

Thank you,

I will give you one more chance, only because you have no other bans on record. The excuse that you let someone else use your account has no bearing, all players are responsible for anything done on their account. I almost chose not to unban you because to me, allowing a 10 yr old to play on our servers, disrupt the game a break server rules, is worse than the Team Killing event.