Removed - Elkroc - Banned - I accept

I apologize to NAK, NAK leadership, admins, supporters, and whomever I may have missed, plus whoever was on Altis at 7AM this morning (Saturday).

My first ban ever occurred when I said a bad phrase and for that I will contemplate my navel for 7 days.

I was playing Altis and on the side channel I typed a response to some general discussion about friendly fire this morning on players who don’t have a hex and/or the name is “”.

I looked up the true meaning of a phrase I have heard and used my entire life without consequences, and now I realize it was wrong. There were 20 other ways I could have put it. I was referring to the possibility of a weakness in the security introduced by the recent Contact update. That is just one thing that crossed my mind but then Itze said it could be a player has way too many mods for the system to handle and I think he could be right.

I was going to say next “perhaps a server reset will cure it, be patient and check map for now” but I was banned while typing.

See ya in 7 days. Please check the logs. I am truly sorry.


You were banned for the following phrase by automod: “15:09 (Side) J. Elkroc: yeah maybe there are chinks in the armor since update”.

This is a normal expression as far as I am concerned, however the phrase chinks is mostly used as a negative racial slur (which is where automod caught you). Looking at context I (with G0lden’s consultation) have decided to revert the ban and will ask a Chief of Staff to delete the ban.

At this moment you are welcome to play on the server again. Please do refrain from using that saying to save yourself and us the hassle.

I appreciate that, thanks. I am sensitive to these things and will be more careful.

No problem. Ban has been deleted by a chief of staff.

I just want to make sure Wave’s last post is clear. The ban has been deleted and it will not affect you in the future in any way. We can tell by the context of the message that you intent was to say ““a narrow opening or crack,”” not a racial slur. I am sorry that we have to have triggers to catch people using racial slurs, and I am sorry that it triggered on your message where there was not racial intent.