Removed - Hawth Ban appeal

Please use the temple below for your ban appeal.

  1. EXACT IN-GAME NAME 1: Not da belt or Hawth at time of the ban

(Yes, we will know if you attempted to change your name, all aliases are bound to your steam account. Provide the name you were using when you were banned.)
2. YOUR STEAMID 64: 76561198056913772

Instructions to retrieve your SteamID 64
Option 1
Access your Steam Community Profile URL in any web browser
At the end of the URL add ‘?xml=1’ without quotations and press Enter.
The web page will change; search for ‘’ and copy the number immediately following.
Option 2
3. SCREENSHOT OF THE BAN MESSAGE OR THE TEXT OF THE MESSAGE DISPLAYED UPON ENTERING THE SERVER: You were kicked off the game. Admin kick Ban rule 18 - Perm - Vilevice Admin - Unapproved mods

  1. NAME OF THE ADMIN: Vilevice Admin

(Appears in the ban message)
5. APPROXIMATE DATE AND TIME OF THE BAN: a few years ago not sure now to be honest

  1. THE SERVER YOU WERE ON WHEN YOU WERE BANNED: not sure but ban is on all servers

    Its been a few years at this point but I was banned because the admin that banned me be explained that I was intentionally ignoring his messages and running the unapproved mods. To be real, I am a extremely casual player and at that time I would consider myself new to PC gaming coming from console so the whole “we tried to chat to you” thing was all new and I was unfamiliar with who was directly talking to me. I tend to play solo to so looking at the chat was the last thing I was thinking about. Anyways I feel that the admin was thinking I was lying or being smart but I wasn’t. I had downloaded a ton of mods at the time for different servers and simply forgot I had a few active. I wasn’t griefing anyone, I wasn’t being malicious, I was simply playing with mods that were active that wasnt on the approved mods list. I wasnt even using the unapproved mods they were just active thats all.
    Anyways I never caused any trouble on the server prior to the incident and simply trying to explain myself wasnt good enough at the time. I just hope that I can get reconsidered to join, I do miss playing on the server and to be 100% it was the only reason why I played arma 3, not to sound cheezey, its because its true.

I will remove the ban at this time. In the future, please make sure you are not loading in with, or operating unapproved mods. Please pay attention to server chat, in case an admin is attempting to correct an issue at the lowest level. And finally, please become acquainted and familiar with all of our server rules (posted on our website).

Thank you.