Removed - MadCat Ban Appeal 4/18/22

  2. YOUR STEAMID 64: 6561198809929904
  4. NAME OF THE ADMIN: Volcano
  7. ANY EXPLANATION OR JUSTIFICATION FOR WHY THE BAN SHOULD BE LIFTED: The reason for me being banned was a Misunderstanding of a Joke that I had said during a mission while I was Zeusing.
    When I first looked into Arma as a game that I wanted to play and Zeusing to be my Hobby, I watched Liru the Lance Corporal on YouTube and took inspiration to mission building so much so that I did it as a pseudo job when Battlefield 4 was a major Milsim hub. Liru’s thing is that Goats are like his Idol on the missions when he portrays a god. (Warhammer 40k missions or spin off holidays ones). I fond those jokes funny, so I brought them here and the most I ever actually did was attach Goats to a player because he always asked for it and he enjoyed it.
    The joke that I made was that “if anyone were to harm my children, I would rain down my wrath as the god Slanesh.” (A joke call back to Liru and some of the guys got it and we all had fun with it.)
    I understand now that it was inappropriate to joke about something that is very clearly against the server rules but In my defense there was no intention to actually break the rule nor did I. When I made mission I filled in the time where most people didn’t want to make a mission or didn’t have one in mind and kept games going until people decided to get off. From the people I talked to about my missions there was really good feedback that it was going well and there was no major criticisms against my mission other than minute details.
    On 4/10/22 I came back to the Zeus slot to see if I was still banned and I was able to play, I talked to Admin McNally who told me he didn’t see an issue with me Zeusing so I downloaded the mods and ran a mission later that Night and I had about 5-8 people playing and they all said that they had a ton of fun playing and that they would definitely do another one if they could.
    The next day I was contacted by another Admin who’s name I don’t recall at this moment but he told me that I wasn’t supposed to be able to join and that it was a bug and to just not enter the slot and to file an Appeal towards my ban. I haven’t returned to the Zeus slot but have played among other missions since then.

Being able to freely Zeus on the Nak Server with a group of people who all wanted to do baseline misim events was probably my favorite time playing on Arma and on the Nak Servers. I do apologize for the inappropriate joke it wasn’t the place for me to make those and I can fully understand from an outside and out of context perspective what It may have seemed like but again I never meant or intended to break the rules, Just have fun with my players in my mission which I hope that I may be allowed to return to Zeusing once again in the Future on the Nak Server.

Thanks for the time to read over this Appeal. I patiently await a response.

Written on 4/18/22. 14:58 est. Electronically Signed Madcat.

Hello, MadCat, you were blacklisted from Zeusing for the following reasons:

  1. Joining Zeus when the server was empty and doing a lot of ModuleOrdnanceHowitzer_F and other stuff.
  2. Not cleaning up the Zeus server when you were done.
  3. Making a Zeus mission with poor briefing, and chaotic objectives (flying submarines, telling players to not go to the objective, etc. After mission you also stated “The whole point of this mission was for me to play with this [submarine]"
  4. Taking a while to build a mission and spawning animals everywhere and attaching them to players.
  5. Running a 2.5 hour Zeus mission. Arguing with the admin saying your mission had only been running for 1 hour.
  6. Threatening to stop teleporting players who spawned in the wrong area.
  7. Spawning a huge number of animals outside of the AO
  8. Not cleaning up bodies or animals outside the AO.
  9. In the de-brief for one of your missions players described the mission as “demoralizing”, “not fun", “we got repeatedly downed, it was impossible…”, “torture", “very annoying”, “repeated harassment”, and “it made me want to stop and roll over and die". One player was visibly upset because many of his teammates left due to having a bad time.
  10. Punishing players who killed goats during a mission.

I’d like to give you another chance but if I, or any other admin, get any more reports about bad Zeusing within 90 days you’ll be re-added to the blacklist. A few things to keep in mind while you’re Zeusing:

  1. Clean up the Zeus server when you’re done, you can just use the End Scenario module for this.
  2. Give a clear briefing with easy to understand objectives and a clear logic to follow.
  3. Zeus missions need to be 90 minutes, including build time, before you need to ask if anyone else wants to Zeus, and end your mission within 10 minutes if they are.
  4. That Zeus missions are for the players, not the Zeus. We want you to have fun making missions, we appreciate that you want to make missions for our server, but not at the expense of other players’ experience.
  5. Don’t spawn animals unless it has something to do with the mission, and don’t spawn too many things at once. As the Zeus you’re responsible for the operation and stability of the server.
  6. Don’t punish players, this includes, but is not limited to, spawning large groups of enemies near them or stop teleporting them to the mission area.

I will lift your blacklist status upon your agreement to these terms, please make sure you read the Zeus rules:

I, MadCat do hereby openly and whole heartedly adhere and agree to the above conditions and terms laid out and stated by MichaelPatriot21 on this date 4/19/22 at 11:13 hours est.

I thank those who have taken the time out of their day to not only read over but those who have chosen to give me a second chance to do what I truly enjoy. Thank you so much and I promise to do my absolute best not to repeat my past actions again.

Written on 4/19/22. 11:13 est. Electronically Signed MadCat.

"Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” — Sun Tzu

Your blacklist status will be lifted.