Removed - Min Ban Appeal

  1. Min, MinSpecMike, something along those lines, its been a few years, I have forgotten which one exactly.
  2. https:/
  3. Banned Rule 15 Perm
  4. Vile Ace
  5. 2018/2019
  6. Don’t believe I was in game. I know I was in TS at the time.
  7. If I recall I was in TS working on my own server. I wasn’t attempting to seduce people to my server. I was asked what I was doing and gave the honest answer. At the time I wasn’t happy with NAK and said some negative things about the server. I apologize for my actions and words. I no longer server host for Arma nor am I in an Arma group anymore. It has been a few years and I would just like to play some I&A and reconnect with some old friends. Thank you for your time.

I will remove the ban. You will be placed on a 3 month probationary period. Any violations of the rules MAY result in the perm ban being reinstated. Please respond to this post as your acknowledgement to these terms and the ban will be removed afterwards.

I agree to the terms.

The ban has been lifted.