Removed - newbutgood - buddy got 1 day ban

Hey So i was letting my buddy try , we was on tanoa. screen name was like “newbutgood” or something like that. he tk’d cmd member, I was right behind him he didn’t realize it was friendly. brand new to the game. If we could get that ban lifted haha bc now i can’t get in either hahaha

There is no reason for anyone to TK any more. We have player markers to are visible to 1000m and player names visible to 100m. (and you can set custom colors as well). Hit ESCAPE - Select “PLAYER MENU” - Select “PLAYER SETTINGS” and set your colors for the markers. Player Markers should be on but you can click Player 3D Marker ON

lol he was brand new haha, never played the game before … he saw a body and shot it lol. It was my bad i was tryna make food and help him at the same time and when he shot dude i was in the kitchen lol

first and only time tk’ing tho… not like he did it repeatedly or tore up base or nothing… i just happened to not be there to tell him “hey don’t shoot that dude he’s friendly” lol

I feel confident that it was not you that did this, but please remember the owner of the account is responsible for any actions taken on the account. TK’ing in a completed AO actually qualifies as Griefing/Harassment and would be a 7 day ban.

I will remove the ban, but please have him practice in single player.

yeah i didn’t realize that lol, i figured if he got banned i’d still be cool haha and yes right after that i stuck him on single player lol