Removed - Nicol - Ban Appeal - Ban #10 rule by CopOut

Exact name in game: Nicol

Steam profile: Bombarda Steam Community :: Bombarda

I dont know why during a session in Altis server i’ve be ban, after two guys. I dont do nothing. I dont know the story, they are not my friend, i dont do nothing about the admin decision, so i dont understand why i’ve be ban. I try to talk with CopOut in TS to have support about this situation, and he remove me from the server and has removed every my permission to move in the different chatt.

Thanks for your time.

During a rapid ban session for team killing on the server you posted the the following:

11:38 AM (Side) Nicol: we have the gestapo this evening

What did you mean by that?

Yes i remember that, but i was talking about me against the enemy, i was in the server from i think 5/10 minutes. But i can understand because i use the same channel " faction channel " to say this, but it wasn’t intentional. Those guys aren’t my friends, never talk with their before, i mean i don’t try to defend or to say something about the admin decision, in general i spend my time in Malden. After my first and only ban the last year i read the rules very well, and i don’t want lose the possibility to play on nak servers for this misunderstanding.

Thank you for providing additional information about this matter. The comment made was done in conjunction with the admin actions being taken against those blatantly violating the server rules. Your explanation appears to be valid. Your ban has been immediately removed.

Thanks for your attention and professionalism!