Removed - NintyMinja - Ban Appeal

I have been banned recently off the Malden server for intentional team killing. I had jumped in a tank that was nearby some other teammates and I misfired on base. I did it on accident, I have never been in a tank and I am unfamiliar in how it works in doing so I was stupid and clicked the fire button. However I did not kill anyone and it was not intentional. I was banned by Bandit, I hope this was just confusion on your part because this was an unfairly judged ban.


I do understand that accidents happen and there is a lot to learn in a game such as Arma. Unfortunately for you this accident was with a tank barrel sticking inside a building filled with players, myself included, and a round was fired. The TWO rules that you broke were firing in base and Intentional team killing (or in this case intent to teamkill) so I can assure you there is no confusion on my part. Some players find it helpful to spend some time in single player or editor figuring out what the controls do and how to operate vehicles so I would offer that as a suggestion. Since you are new to the community, I would also suggest that you familiarize yourself with the server rules found at the following link:

With that being said, you need to understand that your accident(s) have the potential to ruin the gaming experience for multiple players which is why we fairly and equally enforce these rules. Had you been on the receiving end of that barrell your point of view would have been much different. I will give you the benefit of the doubt here and trust that you will take my advice given in this post.

Appeal Granted, your ban has been lifted. Please be more careful next time.