Removed - One more chance - Roblox - Ban Appeal

  1. Roblox, sometimes Callsign Roblox

  2. Steam Community :: Error

  3. You were kicked off the game. (Battleye: Admin Kick (Banned Rule #3 for Perm - expires Perm. Entered by G0lden Inten))

  4. G0lden Inten

5.Its an old ban, from team-killing and causing a disruption back in April of '18 i believe. I actually haven’t checked to see if its still active but I assume it is so i wish to have it lifted. Its been quite some time since the incident and i apologize. You guys have some of the best server set-ups and would like to get back into Arma.

SteamID: 76561198157186816

The ban is still in place as it was set to permanent by Admin G0lden on 04/24/18.

He will need to respond to your appeal.

My bad, I forgot I changed steam IDs so the link is different. Here is the new one.

Ok, so I said that if Golden did not reply to your ban appeal, that I would. The ban is a little old and I did not place the ban, so all I have to go by is the notes left by the banning Admin and the player comments.

The notes indicate that not only did you TK, but you mass TK’ed and destroyed many assets at the fixed wing base. Comments from players at the time include
(Player names removed) "<20:27:49> Roblox is shooting in base with a tank at fixed wing HQ

8:31 PM(Side)PLAYERNAME WHAT did roblox even do
8:31 PM(Side)PLAYERNAME destroy assets and tk at base
8:31 PM(Side)PLAYERNAME was that what that huge tk just now was?
8:31 PM(Side)PLAYERNAME yeah

The admin note states “This isn’t just the act of someone screwing around, this is a straight up troll. He had been terrorizing the airfield for several minutes while I was afk and when I came back he had committed a mass tk and then disconnected… I am going to ban…perm. He’s just going to come back and cause more problems because he wants to troll if I am lenient.”

So with this said I am very hesitant to remove the ban, but I will give you one last chance. I am going to create a trigger to be notified when you connect to the server so that I can keep an eye on you. Please do not make me regret giving you another chance…

Thank you for your assistance in removing of the ban. I would like to state that although it was a serious incident, it was my first and well only one. The note left by the admin insinuates I had “trolled” often.