Removed - Playbug - TS3 Pilot Ban Appeal

  1. Playbug (In-game name), Gamin8or (steam name)
  2. Steam Community :: Playbug
  3. “Recording”
  4. I do not remember the name of the admin that has banned me. I was banned at 22:10 PST. I was banned for recording in the TS3 Pilot channel on Altis.
  5. I was asking some pilots in the Teamspeak if I am allowed to record on the server, they said I was as long as I ask for permission to use their voice in the recording and so I did, every time a player joined the Teamspeak I would ask for permission and everyone was happy to be a part of it, an hour or so later an admin joins and I ask him if I have his permission. He says it is not allowed to record I tell him I deleted the footage and he banned me a second after that. I have deleted the footage with all the recording, I have understood and will not record the Teamspeak or gameplay again. I appreciate your understanding.

FYI Walker CJ was the admin.


In reading your appeal, it is a different conversation than what I heard you say. When I told you that Recording in NAK Teamspeak was not allowed and you cannot record here, your reply to me was: “Well, I think I can record”. That is what I heard you say. You could not have had enough time to delete the footage and recordings and then tell me that you had done so because I banned you immediately. If in fact, you spoke the words, “I deleted the footage”, it had to have been as the ban was taking place or just afterward.

If you clearly wanted to get permission to record, there were two easy things you could have done (which you did not}:

  1. Ask an Admin. As I was the Admin on duty the night in question, I would have told you then that recording in NAK Teamspeak is not allowed.

  2. Click the NAK Altis #1 channel heading above the Altis Pilot’s #1 Channel. To the right of that are the Teamspeak Rules which clearly state in RULE #6: No Recording (Exception to record rule violations).

If you had taken the time or interest to determine if recording in NAK Teamspeak is authorized, you could have avoided the situation you currently find yourself in.

A final determination of this appeal will be made after the Senior Admins make their review.

Walker CJ [ADMIN]


Your appeal has been reviewed and we have decided to remove the ban upon your promise of deleting the aforementioned recording’s and that you now fully understand that recording in NAK Teamspeak is NOT ALLOWED and that you will not do it again. You are free to return to NAK Teamspeak and NAK Servers at your next available opportunity.

Walker CJ [ADMIN]

Thank you and I appreciate your decision.

Sorry for the inconvenience, however, I haven’t been unbanned from the Teamspeak.

I do not see a ban for you in TS. I checked using your TeamSpeak unique ID, the name Playbug as well as your last 4 IP addresses used to play Arma3 on our servers. Are you connecting the TeamSpeak through the website or something other than the computer you play Arma3 on?

I had a little trouble logging into teamspeak the other day through the overwolf application if that’s the route you’re taking. This could be another tool for troubleshooting if you need it. Are you logging on using the same name?