Removed - Re: respect to the NAK Squad


Steam Community :: cylarr_heroes
hi admin I was permanently banned on the channel. It was my mistake before one year ago.last time I entered the channel for the pilot and soon I entered ts but I was banned very soon.
I was a rookie of my past mistakes but this was not deliberately.
I got into the game, there was a problem in team speak, I chose a pilot and after 5 minutes I entered the team again and banned :confused: permanent banned isnt fairly
My sentence was a little heavy. I didn’t kill my teammates. Can you appeal my sentence? I have to do something, regards, nothing has been done knowingly, just not knowing the language.and the ı have ınternet problem these days
Can you forgive me in these corona days and you can give last chance

Hello. I’m the admin who issued your ban. The reason the ban was so severe is due to the repetitive rule-breaking history which you have, however, I will be reducing the current ban to the days served. Keep in mind that this will be your last chance.
In the future, in order to avoid any sort of issues try joining our TeamSpeak server before joining the pilot role. It will save you and us a lot of trouble and will avoid similar problems. Welcome back, you are unbanned.