Removed - Time Served Ban Appeal - Belbew

Name: Belbew
Steam Profile: Steam Community :: Bel
Ban message: Racists comment in chat banned for perm - expires perm by automa
Admin name and time: Automa? About 3 weeks ago not sure
Reason I should be unbanned: I got autobanned on your Coop server for 7 days which I was more than reluctant to wait out but then it was extended to a permanent ban so I came here. I didn’t read the rules like I should have and said some shit that I regret and didn’t realize that racist jokes and comments were taken that seriously on the server. Cant say anything else other than I’m sorry and I can promise it wont happen again.

Please go here:

Read over rules 1-15 and their definitions and additional information.

Please post back when finished.

ok I understand

Ban appeal approved.

Ban lifted