Removing Unwanted Items from Certain Mods

Hello my friends,

I recently came across a mod on the steam workshop called “Ample Camo Pack” (Steam Workshop::Ample Camo Pack) which throws in a comically large 3752 new items.

Now while I have no interest in adding this mod as its nothing interesting, the uploader of the mod did mention that you can copy the addon to a new folder and pick and choose the items you want by deleting the PBO - thus removing any items you don’t want from the mod to reduce the size.

I have a number of mods that contain large amounts of items, and for the most part I rarely use any of them, only a few that interest me. My question being is it a possibility to do that to current mods approved on NAK? If you can go into the files and delete items that you don’t use, to reduce the amount of scrolling when trying to look for certain weapons, gear, etc.

I have the Ctrl + F find mod that assists you in finding items, but sometimes its just overwhelming that you completely miss certain items from the choices you have, and also you can drastically reduce a mod that is over 1gb when you only use a few items anyway. Does anyone know how something like this would work, or if it is practical to implement?

So to my minimal knowledge towards the topic, I believe that the server uses a key to check against the files on your computer. Essentially it checks the keys of all the mods that you have installed and then it compares them to the server’s allowed keys and if there is a key that is not allowed, its rejected and your connection is rejected. To the best of my knowledge every change that someone would make to the mod when removing parts of it would be changing the key of the mod. I believe it works like this just because if not, someone could just take an accepted mod, and port different items into it and then they can get items from unapproved mods into the game. This is also backed up by the fact that any time a mod gets updated we have to update the mod on the server side, which updates the key to allow it.

In short, so long as my logic and knowledge is accurate, the only way to allow this type of customization would be to allow every single possible key, which for a mod with 100 elements that people could choose from, be about 10,000 different keys from a single mod(I think). Essentially while this aspect of editing would be nice, it would require insane backend checks, and I believe that any editing would change the key, and from that this would be nearly impossible.

A simpler action would be to just port mods into one another and create a core “nak” mod that brought in the features that the majority of players want, while leaving out the stuff that nobody wants, however that would be illegal in most cases as we would be stealing the information from the other mods in order to create our mod. Hence, I do not believe that this can be done without creating potential holes for players to get assets into the game that are illegal.