Repair HEMTT

I’ve seen an asset in the editor and remember it from lithium. Can we get a Repair Hemtt added to the lineup next to the other HEMTT’s. I feel this would be a good use given the uprise in mobile support convoys

I feel not being able to change your username, this is Brandon.^ ;-;

But yeah a repair HEMMT would be super cool.

everyone should be able to repair anything as long as they have the toolkit, so I see the no need in having one in the line-up.

  • it will just add role play to the mix and make someone stay in a HEMMT that is not armed. but if its just anyone with a toolkit like its is now, you will have an extra man to fight.
    that is my thoughts on the matter :arrow:

My reasoning I realized is poorly explained. While Volcano makes some good points, my thoughts are this; the repair script doesn’t always work. And even still there’s a reason most people go to the bobcat. With the repair HEMTT you would get the ease of use of the bobcat with the mobility of a truck. At the same time it wouldn’t be considered OP because to have the ammo and fuel replenishment options you would still need the other two trucks.

I will freely admit that a large motivator behind this request is for the immersion. That is not to be brushed aside as it is a driving factor behind a fair number of people choosing Arma over COD or Battlefield. We like driving across the map and setting up support bases not because its incredibly useful but mostly because it’s just plain fun.

If asset count is a concern then I can offer suggestions to be replaced such as the cargo HEMTT which in my two years of playing I think I’ve seen used maybe twice.

For your consideration


replying to Skater,

And even still there’s a reason most people go to the bobcat

I will freely admit that a large motivator behind this request is for the immersion.

it wouldn’t be considered OP

mostly because it’s just plain fun.

Tbh, these are also good points, I see time to time a squad of 1-3 people like to take these roles on altis.

Just to put my hat in the ring, I am totally in support of this. In the last few weeks, with contributions from players like NuculearWaffle, Skater, Thumper, Struggle_Bus, Sith, GAF Toby S, and more we’ve found an ability to use armor columns combined with Ammo and Fuel HEMTTs to essentially create a fully featured FOB with Repair/Static AA/Static Defenses/Rearm. Having a repair HEMTT that can do full repairs would significant contribute to both immersion and make a cool addition to what some players need. The repair script is necessary, sure, but why not give players the choice between player-based interaction and automated/scripted interactions?

in short:

I agree

I like the idea of a repair HEMTT as well. I think it would need to be balanced out in a way. Possibly reduce the power of the Repair Specialist role so it can’t repair to 100% on Altis and maybe even reduce the effectiveness that everyone can repair (30%, I believe). I actually like that on Tanoa even a Repair Specialist can’t repair to 100%. Another possibility may be to have a Bobcat spawn in Vehicle HQ or Infantry HQ that could be taken into the field, but I can easily see that being too powerful and harder to balance.

A few of us had a convoy going where we had the fuel and ammo HEMTT running in an armor column of three tanks and a couple of light armor vehicles. It was a ton of fun. I don’t think it really removes a player from taking part in the action or pigeon holes them into a backup/support role because the HEMTT driver can become a member of a tank crew or artillery squad manning mounted guns an what not. And there are plenty of times where enemies have flanked artillery or tank positions as well.

I know the heli pilots really like having an ammo HEMTT in the field so they don’t have to return to base to rearm. I have a feeling they would also like being able to do repairs in the field.