Request for a Zeus Server Feedback forum

The Zeus server acts as a major part of the NAK community, as it is a means for not just community creativity but also as a means to bring the server together twice per week as a NAK Ops. With this large part of NAK’s identity, why is there no forum for providing feedback about the Zeus server? Altis I&A and Tanoa along with all the old and retired servers have a forum for server feedback. So why does Zeus not have such a place for feedback? I recognize that we already have a Zeus general discussion, however, I don’t believe that a general discussion forum is the best place for feedback to be given as it can easily get washed out in other general discussion topics. A specific feedback forum would enable users to more easily find players’ feedback. This is a minor ask but adding this forum would allow for an easy place to keep track of feedback for the Zeus server rather than having to use the General Feedback forum for Zeus server feedback

The Zeus server has its own forum with multiple subforums. It was created originally this way because the server was, and still is, managed separately of the other servers.

Gereral feedback is the correct place to list suggestions. Post will not get washed out, I read 100% of all post wether or not I comment on them. There is generally less than 5 post per month in the Zeus general feedback forum, so there is little chance a post will be lost.

Zeus General
For any general Zeus related post, players and whitelisted Zeus alike. You may post questions, comments and general issues. For hints, tips and tricks please use the appropriate forum.

Zeus Mission Announcements
This forum is for announcements from the players for scheduled events. All whitelisted Zeus can also request permissions to schedule event in the NAK Zeus Steam Group

Zeus Tips and Techniques
This forum is for player created hints, tips,tricks and techniques that can help other Zeus make better missions.

Zeus Regulations
This forum is used to communicate information about restrictions, regulations and rules to the Zeus. All Zeus are responsible for following and adhering to information posted in this forum.

Thanks for clearing that up! I didn’t realize how few posts are made in the Zeus General forum.