Request for language filter to be relaxed

I don’t know if this will be a popular request but I personally feel like the language filter is a little strict. I get the no curse words but there’s also border words. Like crap and bastard, not the cleanest of words but also not tech curse words either. I just got kicked bc i honestly didn’t think words like that were all that bad lol. Also why I rarely speak haha. Hey, when you’re whole family is a bunch of southern alcoholics swearing is like 2/3rds of my vocab haha :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

The rules state that all players should limit cursing on the server and the triggers are set for words that are clearly inappropriate. There is no trigger for the word “crap”, but there is a trigger for the word “bastard” because it is normally used directed at other players. This is a mixed community and the limit on cursing is to try to prevent immature behavior on the server. If you allow swearing, it leads to cursing at other players then harassment and griefing, then trolling like behavior. I think most adults can control what they type in a game and I am sure that everyone can get their point across without cursing. I am sorry if the trigger kicked you when you used a particular word in a situation when you thought it was appropriate, but we review the triggers actions on a regular basis to see if they are activating at the correct time. It does happen, where a player debasing themselves or cursing at the AI, ends up getting kicked, but 95% of the time the trigger works as expected. The word “bastard” is normally directed at another player. There is no way for a trigger to identify the context of a message.

I think most players would agree that our servers have much less trolling and immature behavior than most other gaming servers, which is partly due to us enforcing rules such as Rule #13 and Rule #14. I think that it is important for us to enforce the rules equally at all times, and the triggers help us do that.

ahh see i never attack other players haha when i said bastard i was talking about the enemy air haha. i guess thats all true tho we do have far less trolling, not even just with cursing but with ppl wrecking assets on purpose too we don’t get much of that. that was the big issue with the groups i was in b4. ppl just trashing all the vehicles lol

On a related note, i did see a player on the other night with the playername “HoeAsssHoe” (or similar)!!!

Unfortunately, no matter how long my list of words is, people will find a way to circumvent it. We do have triggers that tag entries for later review but perform no action on the user. These triggers are much more sensitive so we can look for things like your example. If we find players using non-English curse words or intentionally bypassing the trigger, we may take action at a later date, and in rare cases, create triggers for individual players.