Resolved: BAN APPEAL

1.Atomic, Atomic64, CR Johnson
2. Steam Community :: Atomic
3. I did not get any messages or screenshots when I got banned.
4. Im not sure what admin It was but I was banned from the teamspeak around a month or two ago I believe.
5. I think I should be unbanned because he told me to change my teamspeak name to my in game name and he still banned me after I did what he asked.

I am not an Admin but just to save you some time for your Ban Appeal process.
You have to use the Ban Appeal Template for it to get processed by the admins!
You can find it here:

G0lden this is yours - 76561198399546131

First off you did not do what you were asked to. Secondly, I do not see an issue here.

  • You were given a 1 hour ban in game after 4 warnings and 2 kicks for failure to match in-game and teamspeak names. This expired on 4/30/2019
  • You do not have an active ban in either teamspeak or in-game

I see you are able to join our I&A servers without any issues.
Are you attempting to join teamspeak with the default name? You need to set a nickname either as a bookmark or in the connect screen prior to joining. Failure to do so will result in you joining with the name “Teamspeak User” which is a banned name on teamspeak.
What is the message you are receiving from teamspeak?

It says Failed to connect to server even after I changed my name. I don’t have any problems with any other servers, just this one.

Oh im sorry, its all good now.