Resolved - ban appeals frost /diego

1-frost / diego
2-Steam Community :: frosty
3-te han echado del juego. (battlEye: admin kick(banned rule 11 for perm- expires perm. all pilot, UAV and ATC ))
4-admin lbj time=baned since january i remenber
5-well sorry for all, i dont like the pilot anymore, and i was a noob sorry, i have more hours in this game right now and i can understand the rules main issue was because i don’t speak English and i did not know what was the pilot message was about and last time after been banned for while i translated using Google translate that can happen to anyone

LBJ was the final admin who provided the ban. Please note there were several other bans imposed against you for the same and other server violations. I will notify him of your ban review request.


Sorry for the delay. Out of your 5 bans, 4 are for violating Rule#11. Your last ban was on 2/22/2018 @ 4:02pm. The language barrier is plausible and for that I will reduce the ban to 7 days from the time of the ban effective immediately. However, this is your last warning in regards to Rule#11.

thanks :3