Resolved - Deleted - Ban Appeal Richard Weiss - NAK Special Pistols mod

  1. Richard Weiss
  2. incener
  3. Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  4. VileAce
  5. 19.10.2019
  6. NAK #1 Altis
  7. I equipped the CornerShot from the NAK approved Special Pistols mod and got kicked when i tried to change the angle of it with Pageup or Pagedown. Don’t have a saved screenshot of the message i got from just being kicked yesterday.

Richard Weiss

Thank you for pointing out the issue with the NAK approved Special Pistols mod. The issue has been resolved. This is not the reason you were banned. There is some other mod you are using not on the approved list.

The following code was sent to th server every 2 minutes.

18.10.2019 09:15:13: Richard Weiss ( 39380f95c8352a94d082a8e9a5748dc5 - #21 “call [[para005,[B Alpha 3-1:1 (Richard Weiss) REMOTE (para005),[0]]],{
params [”_unit", “_stuff”];

_unit MoveinTurret _stuff;

The reason for the 3-day ban is you had a ban on 06/14/2019 3:23 PM for a restricted mod. We removed the ban with the agreement that if you had another ban for a restricted mod it would be at the second level.

If you can assist in identifying the offending mod we will consider lifting the ban.

Hello VileAce,
thank you for the quick response. I would really like to help you with finding the offending mod, but like i said, there was only a problem when specifically equipping the CornerShot and changing the angle of it. I reviewed my mod list and found no mods that weren’t allowed on the website. Maybe i overlooked something so I’ve attached the mod list.

Richard Weiss
Mod list Richard Weiss.ods (17.7 KB)

I did look at your list and found one non-approved mod - TRYK Multiplay-Uniform Fix. I will do some testing tomorrow to see if that is what was causing the issue.

I found the mod that was using questionable code, it was an allowed mod, the author had updated the mod and added the code after we approved the mod. I deleted the ban from your record.