Resolved - llior - Ban Appeal

Game Name: llior
Steam Profile: pcturnoff1
Ban Message: you were kicked off the game. (BattlEye: Admin Kick ( Banned Rule #15 for 6d - Expires 02/15/197:55PM. Entered by))
Admin name: none
Explanaition: I got a perm ban that got reduced to 7 days, after seven days, I come back and it says the same thing.

Hi llior. Typically the admin that banned you will handle appeals but I believe I can answer your question directly.

You should be unbanned now.
The message there says the ban will expire on 02/15/2019 7:55 PM. Your post here has a time of 02/15/2019 7:33 PM so I believe you are just a little early. Looking at your profile you have no active bans.

Please try again and if there are further issues please let us know. We can be reached quickly through teamspeak or you can reply via this post.

Thank you GOlden, I went back in now and I am unbanned. About the time, where I live it was 8:33, but it doesn’t matter now, thanks.