Resolved - Misconduct Report - Dave

Server: Altis
Time: 12/22/2018 - 17:00PM - 18:00 PM (Paris/UK time)
Player: Dave

I kept seeing in chat that this Dave character is either trolling by shooting at friendlies or TK. When I got bored of flying went in a Hellcate to drop an ammo pot and he was shooting at my heli, his aim was too bad from even 50m distance but i could hear the bullets impacting my heli. Players constantly worning him to stop. One hour later, I saw in chat the same thing, him trolling players. Typed admin in group chat and mentioned the problem but atm, nothing happen or I didnt see anything happen.


Regards, Andeddu.

For this event, you did report it in-game. All admins were notified of the announcement and the player was banned. This misconduct has been resolved.