Resolved - Misconduct Report - dubsy

Offender’s Name: dubsy
Description of the offense: Intentional Team Kill
Server misconduct occurred on: [NAK]NAKSQUAD.NET | NAK#1 | I&A | Altis
Approximate time and date the offence occurred: 11/15/2019 ~11:00 GMT
Were there admins online? No.
Screenshot, recording or other evidence

As the server was kinda empty, me and dubsy were the only ones on TS. Now, the reason for Team Speak is to communicate vital information between pilots, like for example if and when you see an enemy jet. As the map did not show any enemy jets for there were non and he said nothing on team speak, i found myself being blown up by this dubsy. And to not realise what you’ve just done, in a chilled AO like the one we were flying above, is to not actually care to check chat after each engagement for any possible Team Kills. Not to mention that he had me muted on TS, for he did not respond - and only later after me and Marines texting, he casually said sorry and that he will give me his jet before restart, when restart was 1-2 minutes away. Am i suppose not to take that as an insult or him being ironic? After restart he quit. To lock a friendly up you need to aim at the target and press T instead of R, its not the same combo when you’re looking for enemies. Listen, there are so many ways to identify friendly from foe, pings / map / radar / tag view distance / and so on, and all that can be done in 2 seconds specially when the server is empty and everything is clear.

Secondly, its not the first time ive seen these dude being accused of TK. He has a friend, that i forgot his name, and when they’re both on they keep accusing each other about TKing. Clearly they like to troll each other even when the server is full and obviously wasting resources.


He has been banned for 2 days. A report has been documented on his game profile.

Server chat:
5:55 AM (Side) Andeddu: lol restart
5:55 AM (Side) USMarines: I need food anyways lol
5:55 AM (Side) V1per_6: any admins online?
5:56 AM (Side) Andeddu: why
5:56 AM (Side) Andeddu: damn it
5:57 AM (Side) Andeddu: u got all the vehicles
5:57 AM (Side) USMarines: lol
5:57 AM (Side) Andeddu: wtf
5:57 AM (Side) USMarines: dubsy
5:57 AM (Side) dubsy: I didnt know I was locked on to friendly sorry
5:57 AM (Side) dubsy: my bad
5:57 AM (Side) Andeddu: lol
5:58 AM (Side) Andeddu: u have to press T on a friendly and aim at me.
5:58 AM (Side) dubsy: can give you my plane till restart if you want
5:58 AM (Side) Andeddu: how can u NOT know
5:58 AM (Side) dubsy: dont believe then
5:58 AM (To dubsy) You are spamming a system-wide chat. Please use Group, Direct or Vehicle chat for your conversations.
5:58 AM Mathers joined the server
5:59 AM dubsy left the server
6:00 AM Gez left the server
6:00 AM Andeddu left the server