Resolved - Misconduct Report, Kruplin

Offender’s Name: Kruplin

Description of the offense: Came into the Zeus TS and said “Fuck Zeus, Invade and Annex for life” then disconnected. Not even a minute later came back in and said “Zeus can lick my ass” then disconnected.

Server misconduct occurred on: Zeus TS

Approximate time and date the offense occurred: 5:20 pm 7/9/2020

Were there admins online? If yes which ones? Didn’t see any online, all were in their admin channels with their “Away” status on.

Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*) Negative, wasn’t recording and it was in TS so I couldn’t have recorded it.

Additional note: Players that were on the TS at the time of the offense: Joaol (who was zeusing), baseb, TheRealDJP0N3, Dodgestaff, GPNVG-18, and Feeder

Same. Player also reported to CopOut in on the 8th of July in TeamSpeak for bad behavior and language in the pilot channel.

Messages in side chat were also not appropriate.

Ps. This was on the Altis server

Player has (already) been banned for his actions in the teamspeak from both teamspeak and ingame, I was a bit slow to catch him. Thank you for your reports though.