Resolved - Player Misconduct - Albert Hall

Offender’s Name: Albert Hall
Description of the offense: Griefing and trolling - He repeatedly shot the tires out on my Ammo HEMMT and also would purposely put a laze on my tank to attempt to get friendly jets to bomb me. When asked to stop he refused and said he didnt like the sound my tank made and that this was a “milsim server not battlefield”.
Server misconduct occurred on: Altis
Approximate time and date the offence occured: Friday, Jan 31st 2020, at approx 0900-0915 Central Standard Time
Were there admins online? If yes which ones? None online
Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*) No screenshot, but had multiple witnesses, including all of the pilots in the server: Pumpkin, Sagmnsad, and Alastor

The evidence was reviewed and confirmed that the player was violating server rules, therefore he was banned for 3 days.