Resolved - Player Scrag Misconduct

Offender’s Name: Scrag
Description of the offense: Name Calling/ Harrasment/ Verbal Abuse
Server misconduct occurred on: 9/1/2020
Approximate time and date the offense occurred: 12:10ish pm
Were there admins online? If yes which ones? No
Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*)

I dropped a SDB as I broke off to engage a enemy Shikra.
I’d normally apologize, it was not an intentional teamkill. But instantly he began being disrespectful. I had no idea what had occurred as I was previously engaged and traded a death with the Shikra at the time. The player continued being disrespectful for several moments as I tried to figure out what was going on.

Continued as of 12:26 will continue updating as necessary.

Player was banned for 3 days due to intentionally teamkilling(retaliation). As well as griefing/harassment and verbal abuse.

So in the game Monroe completely denied any wrong doing. He refused to accept responsibility “I didn’t shoot your tank, I was going after the Shikra” (I was not in the tank but near it) and used execuses such as “I did not see a friendly tag (marker)” as well as lying to his role in this, this is also reflected in his comments above. This conversation occured between not only myself (Scrag) but 2 other players (Nova and Katra). He also told us to grow up. At no time did he show ownership for his actions, never ever hinted at an apology (there were 3 players affected by his actions) (had he apologized to ALL of us we would not be here now). While I admit I was pissed off that someone could sit there and bold face lie and get away with it (I believe Nova reached out for an admin but there was no reply). So I own my actions. I did shoot him down, and I was verbally not happy with his conduct. I am not filing an appeal to the ban. What I want to see is Monroe also banned for team killing, not showing ownership, lying to or misleading Admins (reading his comments above should suffice as he makes no comments of the 2 other players affected).

Here is my side of the story… It was around midnight EST, the server had a low amount of players online at the time and it was getting dark in game. (Altis Server) The Main AO was close to the main airfield (Altis International Airport). I decided to solo a Rhino into the AO and ended up losing it to enemy fire. My squad member brought a T-140k by themselves and I asked if I could drive while they gun, from that point until the AO was captured (Attack the AO was the current mission). When the mission changed into a defend the AO, Nova and I had only one viable option of survival and that was to burrow down in the town using what cover we could to cover the tank from attacks to our flank we held what little ground we could. Around 20-30 mins we held with ammo being depleted and our tank being damaged, we noticed that the enemy attack was easing up and we could possibly get some much needed repairs done… I parked the T-140k next to a 2 story building so I (the driver) could hop out and start the repair process, Nova was still in the gunner position giving me the extra cover I needed and another squad member Scrag came by to offer support as I repaired the tank… That’s when it happened, it all happened in a matter of seconds, the sound of ordnance flying to us and the explosion that followed ended our efforts to survive the onslaught of the enemy attack was brought to a close… was dropped by a friendly pilot (Monroe), I asked to see if he knew what he did by sending a message in side chat about the teamkills and all I wanted to know was it intentional or an accident. I felt ignored by the conversation that followed as for it did not clear any of the unknowns that transpired but instead only confused me more. I do not speak on the behalf of Nova or Scrag, I only speak for myself and I didn’t feel like Monroe was being a teammate at that time.

This issue is now closed. We have reviewed the server logs and the chat logs from around the time in question. There is no evidence that Monroe intentionally team killed which is what would be required to be inviolation of server rules. On the other hand based on the misconduct report and the server logs, Scrag did violate multiple server rules.

Scrag calling another player an idiot and moron is breaking server rules, but chasing a player down in order to team kill has no place on our server… Scrag: “Hey Monroe…whats wrong why you hiding in a safe zone” and Scrag: “Sorry thought you were an enemy”. Due to the multiple violations the ban on Scrag has been extended to 7 days, the ban will expire on 09/09/2020 at 12:35. I was very close to banning you permanently Scrag. I am giving the 3 of you that connect from the same IP Scrag, Katra and Nova a warning, continued rule violations from one of you may affect you all.

If someone teamkills and you believe it was intentional, simply type ‘Admin PLAYER NAME intentional teamkill’. At no time during the events of that evening did Katra, Nova, or Scrag ask for admin assistance. We generally will not look into team kills unless it is reported.

Nova, instead of arguing with another player in chat please file a misconduct report, join TeamSpeak and speak to an admin or type your issue out in chat including Admin anywhere in the message. On that night, you were close to violating Rule #13, you carried on an argument using in-game chat for over 13 minutes. We do not have admins on 24 hours a day, but we do review logs looking for keywords and the admins get alerted when keywords are entered in chat. On the night in question there was not an admin on at the beginning of the discussion, but due to the multiple times the word admin was entered in the chat, 3 admins logged on and reviewed the situation and issued the ban to Scrag.

Monroe, in the future do not engage with other players in an argument, report it to the admins and let us deal with it. You greatly contributed in the argument lasting as long as it did, a total of 33 minutes, during which time multiple players asked all of you to stop as you were interfering with everyone that just wanted to play.

Katra, thank you for your input, your explanation was well described. There is 0 evidence that you did anything wrong and in fact you acted in a mature and calm manner. The logs show that you mentioned the team kill then let it go for the most part. I believe that the reason that you did not get a reply was one, all you said was “Check your Fire Monroe” then Scrag immediately called Monroe an idiot, which did not help the situation.

12:07 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Nova: Thanks for the tk…
12:07 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Katra: Check your Fire Monroe
12:07 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: Monroe your an idiot
12:08 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: You should be more respectful on this server. That is a rule.
12:08 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Nova: tking also isn’t allowed
12:08 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Katra: No Teamkilling is also a rule
12:08 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: your still an idiot
12:09 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I didn’t teamkill
12:09 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I got a missle fired at me
12:09 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I engaged a unnamed unmarked shikra
12:09 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: yes you did
12:09 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: Look back in the logs
12:09 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: If your slot is bugged then its your fault
12:09 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Nova: /
12:09 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: Another pilot verified the aircraft was unknown
12:10 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: That is what you should do. If you dont know what you are doing get off
12:10 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Nova: No you killed us in a tank
12:10 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I’d be glad to have an admin step in
12:10 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: Agreed you team killed
12:10 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I engaged no tanks.
12:10 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I was flying
12:10 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: BS
12:10 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: whoopie
12:10 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Nova: Go ahead. they can check the logs. it said you friendly fired on Katra and I
12:11 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I didn’t even target you
12:11 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: idiot
12:11 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: if you approached an area that already had ordanance inbound how am I to blame
12:11 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: SDBs could take as long as 40 seconds to apprach
12:12 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I dropped no ord in town.
12:12 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: look you killed a tank. I watched it happen. So stop the BS
12:12 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: it was friendly
12:12 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: Drop it, If somehow you got arma’d after I’d already left the AO I have no idea
12:13 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Nova: Okay well you can have an admin check the logs now. tou clearly killed us. we wouldnt call out a teamkill if it didn’t happen
12:13 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: Maybe you need to stop killing friendlies
12:13 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I’ll gladly post up a complaint about being rude and name calling. I have hundreds of hours on this server.
12:13 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: Act your age please
12:13 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Nova: I’m not name calling at all and i have lots of hours on here also.
12:13 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: You are condensing moron.
12:14 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I’ll just grab an admin.
12:25 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I just submitted a complaint on the forum
12:25 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: on your self…for team killing
12:26 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Nova: So where is the admin with the log reports?
12:26 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: I will be doing the same as will the 2 occupents in the vehicle
12:27 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: pretty sure the screen caps will seal it
12:27 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: The rule is intentional teamkilling.
12:27 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: I’m done with your conversation
12:27 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: Which you did
12:27 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Scrag: idiot
12:29 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: Admin is reviewing logs currently.
12:33 AM 09/02/2020 (Side) Monroe: Admins were watching

RGR All. I will consider myself Chastized. Thanks for your handling of this and at least hearing both sides. Nothing further Good Hunting.