Resolved - Rodrigo

Witnessed player Rodrigo deliberately TK player CSM. Richard King and steal his jet asset. No admins were on at the time to respond when another player in TS entered the Admin Help Room.

My concern in doing anything about this is there were no reports in game except by CSM. Richard King against ‘gaming pc’. I very much recommend reporting issues in-game first using the format "Admin ‘Player Name’ and what they are doing wrong. The only time I see that someone entered the help room, based on the logs, was about 1 hour before the in-game report by CSM. Richard King.

9:22 PM (Global) CSM. Richard King: admin gaming pc greifing on carrier, tried to kill me on takeoff wasting assets

There are too many inconsistencies for me to be 100% sure of the event. I will place a note in all player records.

Fair enough. Things were getting a little Wild West last night judging by TS conversations while I was on, and this is the only one I directly saw happen. I offered to make a post for CSM Richard King since I was logging off before he was. That said, I don’t know anything about the TK log you posted since I was logged off when that happened.

For reference, if this incident comes up again: Was at Rewards and would’ve been in the probably 30-40 minutes or so before the 9:00 reset (that’s when I logged off). I was getting dropped off by another player in a chopper from a side mission. I was in 3rd person view and happened to look at the runway just as it happened. Saw the tracers at that end of the runway and then saw the incapacitation and execute messages in the log pop up followed by a verbal complaint from CSM Richard King in TS.

He did it again today and it was reported. He has now been banned.