Resolved - RoughtDraft Misconduct Tk w/Slammer Run-Over

RoughDraft/ TK w/Slammer, By Running Over Me/ NAK#1-Altis / 07-30-2019 tm 1219am EDT / Admin?? / No Screen Shot,ect.
After Tk, Tried Contacting Him w/Text/Nothing
Joined His Squad/He Was Acting Sq-Ldr, Asked Why, No Response, Tried Again Nothing
If He Would Have Responded, Said Sorry, ect/Ok/No Rpt-Admin or Here
Reported In Game Admin RoughDraft Tk w/Slammer, Noticed Somebody Kicked Him
File Report For Player Reference
Thanks Respectfully Submitted

If an admin already took action against the player, there will already be a record on his file. I believe that forum reports mainly are for when there were no administrators available at the time. (Just informing you)

This matter has already been handled by an admin.

11:21 PM (Side) Peirce: Admin. Rough Draft stole my slammer and drove out of the ao, teamkilling on his way, and is still driving
11:21 PM (Group) RET-USMC: roughtdraft why u tk me w/slammer by running me over ?
11:21 PM Player Rough Draft was kicked (griefing) by REAPER6