Resolved - Whyte - Verbal Abuse along with a Teamkill.

Offender’s Name:

Description of the offense:
Initially started yelling at me and calling me a “dumbfuck” (excuse me) because he was shot while next to me. He was laying on the ground trash talking me while I try to figure out whats going on, demanding I revive him. We both die and respawn. He then proceeded to follow me to another Obj, talking trash again and being incredibly childish. He then team kills me. “Thats what you get” he says after spraying his magazines into my body. I just respawned and happened upon a new player and decided ill spend time helping the new guy because i was sure “whyte” was going to follow where ever i dropped in and sure enough he did when I got back out to objs.

Server misconduct occurred on:
Invade and Annex Altis

Approximate time and date the offense occurred:
11/24/20 approx. 09:00-11:00

Were there admins online? If yes which ones?:
I do not believe so. After the TK, I sent in side channel “Tk by whyte intentional” but with no response. Im not sure if “MG_Monkey” is an admin, if so, he was in server, but seemed afk at the time. Im not sure who exactly all the admins are.

Screenshot, recording or other evidence (if available*):
No evidence on my end unfortunately. Just wanting to put the report out there because I havent encountered someone like that on these servers in a long time, and you should keep an eye out.

Whyte was banned permanently on 11/24/20 at 12:20 PM ET by the admin Walker for racist comments. This issue is therefore closed.