Restarting Zues

It has been a long time since NAK had its Zeus server up and I was wondering if we could get it to come back. I have been learning how to Zeus and am willing to do missions a few times a week and I would also help out who ever is put in charge of the new server. I believe that if there are at least 2 or 3 active people willing to Zeus, me being one of them, we could get it back up to steam. bringing Zeus back can also help prepare people if they wish to go into NAK TAC. I am willing to invest my time into this and hopefully bring back server 4.

The Zeus server takes a lot of time from administrators, it is on the list to bring back, but it will be a few months (I guessing 3 months of so). There are a couple other projects that need to be completed before we bring it back.


I’ve heard several players ask about this. Vile is absolutely right about the time and dedication needed. If/when we decide to bring this back I would certainly like to have a role in it.

I understand, please keep me posted, I am hoping to be able to also have a role in this as well as be able to Zeus a few missions every so often, thanks for the info.

+1 will support it as much as i can when/if it comes back

Thank you for having it on a list, I again what to say that I am willing to help carry the load and am firmly in the +1 category, thank you

I volunteer to Zeus! I’d be capable of doing a lot of hosting for events!

In see the new zues server might be happening, how can I apply to zues?

The server is not up yet so at this time you can not. When the server is live we will have a method to apply, but to be a reserved Zeus, you will need to have a certain number of hours on the Zeus server first. All will be announced once the server is live.