Rhea's are too OP

In the last couple of weeks, the Rheas have become way too over powered. Every time a new AO pops up, it’s a race to try and find the Rhea, but rarely is it found before it starts firing on friendlies with it’s unlimited supply of missiles. Then it keeps you locked up from well over 9km away, behind ground features, making an approach to destroy it virtually impossible.
I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to RTB just because I’ve run out of flares, before being able to get one missile off at a new AO. It’s incredibly disheartening to take off from the airport and be immediately set upon by Rheas at main objs, as well as side objs.

If they’re going to be kept in, I’d strongly recommend they be limited to the number of missiles in their launch tubes (4); then you can put a second launcher with each battery for a total of 8, so that it matches the Centurion. But the ridiculous range and unlimited missiles needs to be changed.

This is something that I’ve referenced previously, but, on the correct category, which was pilot discussions, I’ll quote the post as it’s still actual and the information should be accurate.

I guess you can say the point of RHEA’s being powerful are to promote teamwork. Usually when a new AO spawns, I find myself being the only player trying to hunt the Rhea and Cronus while 5 other pilots are just flying around in circles avoiding the AO until its safe to go clean up the scraps of whatever remaining hard targets there is, after of course the few pilots died trying to get rid of them.

If proper communication is implemented, the pilots can (and sometimes do) work together to destroy the threat. I do agree that its not easy when there are few pilots (and infantry) in game as there’s only so much you can do before being overwhelmed. However if the premise of teamwork is used, pilots can work together even with infantry to try and drop some ground troops to destroy the Rhea and Cronus from the ground which is much easier, which in turn will enable pilots to fly more safely to be used when needed.

I understand the frustration though because it sucks having 20 missiles launched at you nonstop, but you also have to understand its not practical to be a one man army. After all, as a military simulation game the point is to recreate function, prioritizing over gameplay mechanics.

I will be making a post soon to explain how to deal with the current AA situation as apparently it seems to be causing a lot of issues and confusion, but long story short cooperation is not really a must, it helps a lot, however, with enough consideration, distance, and strategy a single CAS plane can take on a fresh AO, strip it off all the AA, and even armor in just one go, after that he will most likely have to rearm, but still in my opinion (based on experience) a pilot that engages the threats carefully and wisely can easily beat the rhea, the chronos, and the 3/4 tigris.

Whenever I’m done with the topic, which won’t be short at all, I will link it to all of the similar discussions just to give a reference to other pilots on how to act and easily beat an AO. Long story short, take your time and you’ll take all the AA out without an issue.

Well as I mentioned the whole point is to promote teamwork, not that it is necessary. I usually go into them solo (I also find it challenging at times) and can clear up and have seen many others do the same. Having one player take out everything at the AO is relatively easy once the rhea is out. Even though its fun doing it together, the main objective of this thread is to solve different ways to deal with the rhea, most of which are challenging doing it solo, hence why many people complain about it being overpowered. I think most regulars are capable of extinguishing the threat regardless and eventually.

I’m actually curious to know how other players deal with the rhea anyways (for example avoiding detection) and also characteristics of the rhea such as how many people can get shot at once, missile range, etc. so link me when you post it up

It took me a while to make, not going to lie.