RHS coop server!!!

:wink: why not! It culd be fun!

The only thing I can say is that from my experience (On the Wastelands server) the RHS vehicles are quite broken… So not sure if it’s that easy to implement such a thing. But if that gets fixed, sure. I’d be up for it

In the past, it was due to legal issues and the way that Bohemia Interactive (BI) and Red Hammer Studios (RHS) handled monetization. It has only been around 6 months since we came to an agreement with BI on our monetization status and we are still very cautious of that status. Second, the development time to maintain another completely different server base is not something we have the manpower to do. Our mission is quite complex and is written to port between maps, not add mod specific resources. Modifying the code to allow for RHS units and vehicles is not as simple as placing vehicles on the map. The other servers that we are running or have run recently are not “NAK” servers per se, they are work of other people, that we are running to gauge interest. If there is enough interest in the server we would develop a NAK version. As of now, there has not been enough interest to consider investing the manpower into a mission other than Invade and Annex.

Mmm rigth about that! Monetization was a problem on other servers, and dont want that on this one!