RIP computer

Well folks, I think my dying laptop finally took its last breath and went to the laptop in the sky.

Not sure how long repairs will take or when I’ll be able to get a replacement laptop/PC. I’ll be on the forums daily if yall need me but I saddly will be unable to be in TeamSpeak let alone games for a bit.

Wanted to post here and let everyone know I’ll be out of pocket for alittle bit. Sorry for any inconvenience this will cause.

Sorry to hear that Maxwell, do you know what specifically went bad in the laptop?


After some work late last night
I was able to reconfigure the harddrive/repair it. took some time but the computer was able to boot up finally after a few attempts. the labtop is on life support but is alive and playable for now

That is great news man! What about replacing the current HDD with a brand new SSD? It doesn’t have to be an expensive one and judging on the model of your laptop - installing shouldn’t be too difficult. I’m glad its running again!