RIP Wasteland

Wasteland servers… oh man. So many nice memories from that server. So many hours. Even though it was beta, it was so much fun. Hearing the news of it going down, I opened my Wasteland screenshot folder and browsed through it. Here are some screens to remember Wasteland. Fun times! Wasteland, rest in peace, and thank you for that experience!

…some more…

and one more…

aww yeah just saw the news feed :frowning:

Wait, what!? :shock: :frowning:

Announcement from the main web site:
The NAK Wastelands Beta server is officially offline. You are welcome to connect to it as long as it is up but there will be no longer any administrative support and the server may go down at any time.
There are no intentions of bringing back this version of Wastelands, though we may consider a NAK coded version of Wastelands in the future. The purpose of the server was to give players an alternative to Invade and Annex while giving NAK Command an opportunity to explore options in the configuration of Wastelands and received feedback from players. The version of Wastelands that we were running did not meet the high standards of a NAK Squad server and NAK Command does not currently have the resources available to bring it up to an acceptable level.
NAK Squad will continue to explore different game modes in an effort to provide the NAK Community different options for enjoying Arma.
End quote.

Don,t worry, something better is coming, I can feel it :slight_smile:

U know what i think would be cool? a vietnam invade an annex server. like altis but with vietnam stuffs tanoa would make a good Vietnam map