Rook71 NAK TAC

User Rook71


In Game Name Rook71

Steam: obrstschwendau

Date of Birth 03/04/1971

Time Zone CST

Prior Milsim Experience RedOrchestra, Project Reality

Current Member of MilSim Unit Nope

If you have prior MilSim experience, why did you stop? Work and family life.

Prior Military Experience Yes, USN veteran, 1989-2001

Current Rank: (As recorded on the NAK TeamSpeak server) or ask an admin; Sgt

What Is Your Current ArmA 3 Level of Experience: Just mainly play on NAK, no other servers

Which ArmA 3 DLC’s Do You Own: Jets, Helos, Carts, Marksman, Western Sahara, CSLA Iron Curtain, Contact, Cold War Germany, Tanks, TAC-OPS mission pack, Laws of War, Malden, APEX, ZEUS

Number of Hours in ArmA 3: 226

Given your ArmA skills, what do you feel you will bring to this community? Good attitude, willingness to learn and take on some of the mission development tasks, help build the community.

Given your abilities outside of ArmA 3, such as Photoshop, video editing, website development, programming etc., what can you bring to the community? I have none of these technical skills, I use to make maps and missions for Faces of War, Men of War, Il2, and ARMA II

Provide any other information that might help us decide whether to accept your application or not:

Where did you hear about the NAK unit? Found you all and stuck with the server. While it has its hiccups… most of the players that join regularly like to work as a team and coordinate… makes the game survivable and fun.

Name of person that referred you (If Any): Crater and GreatNate

Are you NAK Elite? Nope

Are you NAK Donor? Not as yet, l’buche advertising.

Which role are you interested in? You may select multiple values.
Available roles at the moment are (put an X on wishes):
Rifleman (includes light Anti tank, placeable explosives, wirecutters, entrenching tool ect)
Autorifleman (Light to medium machineguns) X
Fireteamleader X
Engineer/Sapper X

Your application has been accepted.