Russian invasion of St George (includes 2 small ops before invasion. Leadup included ops completed on Takistan, chernaru

I was wondering if I could get this map added to the mod list for the next few weeks. Reason being is the next few ops require this map. The next two ops being 2 small (1 NATO and 1 Russian) before a full invasion of the island starting with the city.

Map: Steam Workshop::St-George island

So it usually depends on the size and which type of assets it uses;
In this map’s case its 1.6GB we have to add to the modlist, however it appears to be using vanilla assets which is a good thing

So if the size of the map justifies the 1.6GB in this specific case there are chances that it will be approved BUT with all that said and done at the end of the day it will only be added as an optional map and therefore anyone who wishes to play on it will have to download it so keep that in mind for your ops :slight_smile:

The size of the map is fairly large with multiple different features… Hidden tunnels, underground ancient ritual places, oilrigs, citys, old radar station ontop of the mountain, homeless cities and lots more. The map is also not very laggy.

Very nice map!

Map accepted and sent to Boxdogman for editing. It’ll be added as an optional map until it reaches a good popularity. Make sure anyone participating in your mission has the map loaded, preferably ahead of time. You can announce that you’ll be using the map on Discord (Discord) and/or on the website quickchat. I’ll post on Discord and on this thread when the map is available to use.