Screenshare in pilots channel (

Date: 02/02/2024
In-game name: Sakura-Valley
Server involved (Altis, Tanoa, Zeus, etc): Discord (Altis Pilots channel)
Report description: (Unsure if intentional or if it’ll be changed in the future since the Discord server is still new and was made hastily due to… well… you know °^°) The screen-share function is disabled in the Pilots channel, which I think would be a useful “ability” since it’d give more intel without having to ask / open map while flying (reduces accidents). It’s especially useful for those with multiple screens.
Steps to reproduce: Hop in Altis Pilots and try to share the screen

How would you rate the severity (High, Medium or Low): low since it doesn’t change anything in it’s current state (but it’d be very useful)