SDAR Plus Mod

Correct Me If I’m Wrong, Seen Today On The Mod List SDAR Plus Is Now Restricted, Thought It Was Allowed, Used It The Other Day, Maybe I Read The Wrong Line For This Mod.
Played w/SDAR Plus For Retrieving Cash, Sometimes Enemy Was Present At Wreck Site, A Couple Of Times When Within Aprox 60m Of Site, Wreck Disappeared But Crate(s) Were Present
No Enemy Around, Contributed It Arma3 Quirks???

The SDAR Plus mod is definitely restricted. Instead of assuming, make sure you check this link every time you want to include a new mod in your list to play on NAK Squad servers.

When it comes to the mission itself, I played it only a couple of times, but never had any issues, what I assume must’ve happened is that someone went there, kind of cleared and just left a single enemy somewhere, tends to happen with the AO’s, and unfortunatelly the way to solve it is to scan the place and find the stragglers left.

I know what hes talking about, thought I was going crazy but turns out I’m not the only one who noticed it went from allowed to restricted. Though I did notice even when it was allowed that it was kinda broken as far as the mod itself, perhaps that’s why it got restricted? shoulder shrug but vile probably has a good reason if he changed it.
As far as the B25 missions, yes that actually does happen quite often, that’s why whenever I do them I put a dot as accurate as possible on the map, if it despawns the crate is still usually there which makes for some easy collecting

SDAR Plus was never on the approved list. The only mod that we recently moved from approve to restricted was “Bullet Castings”. When we review a mod to decide if it is approved we make sure that there is something similar in the vanilla package. We do not want players that use mods, to have an unfair advantage over those that do not. Any mod that increases the power of a vanilla weapon, clearly gives an unfair advantage to those that use the mod. and therefore that type of mod will not be approved.

Just because that you can get on the server with a mod does not mean that it is approved, some mods are very difficult to block with script restrictions, and need to be blocked a different way, SDAR Plus is one of those mods. If you are found using a restricted mod, you may be banned.

Hmmm… :confused: Perhaps I am losing my mind

I found where you lost your mind. It’s posted here :joy:

I was in the same boat as Ret-USMC, I stopped using it 2 weeks ago cuz I thought it switched from approved to restricted when things were updated but apparantly it never was… :unamused: then again I havnt slept much so who knows what I’ve been seeing :smiley:

Thanks To All, Glad No Water Boarding Preformed For Misunderstanding/Miss Reading On My End While Using This Mod On Your Server, Thanks Again, Sempter-Fi