Server events or Unit membership

I am new to the NAK Squad forums and have enjoyed playing your Invade and Annex servers over the last couple of weeks.

I am wondering if you hold set events where teamplay has more emphasis and you are required to be in a Unit i.e a bit more stuctured and lone wolfing is not allowed! I enjoy being able to drop into your servers and play whenever I want but being in a good unit does improve gameplay, something that isn’t always available on public servers.

Hello and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

NAK does have a unit called “NAK Tac” where realistic tactical missions are hosted twice every week on Tuesdays and alternating on Fridays and Saturdays. A Zeus from NAK Command sets up a mission and we use a variety of mods that add a more tactical feeling, such as ACE3, TFAR and many other mods from the NAK Tac / Zeus collection. You can apply for NAK Tac as long as you fulfill the requirements, you can learn more about NAK Tac here as well as find the application there:
NAK is not a milsim, but very similar, the way its setup makes it enjoyable for everyone.

NAK also has a Zeus server where whitelisted Zeuses can setup missions for other players using all mods used in NAK Tac, these missions are similar to NAK Tac’s, but setup by players rather than NAK Command and shorter.

You can find the Zeus / NAK Tac mods collection in the workshop here:
Basic Mods (Required): Steam Workshop::NAK Tac/Zeus Basic
Optional Mods: Steam Workshop::NAK Tac/Zeus Optional

If you have any other doubts please ask an admin on teamspeak or send them a private message and they will be happy to help you :slight_smile:

We have NAKTAC open events every last week of a month, you’re welcome to join us

*more info about NAKTAC:

NAK Squad will be holding a special event on the Zeus Tactical server from August 17th until August 24th. During this special event the server will be using WW2 mods. There will be a mission that runs when there is no Zeus online, and there will be numerous maps available for Zeus to make their unique missions.

The NAK Tac event scheduled for Saturday August 18th at 5:00pm EDT will be a special open event. Anyone is welcome to join us during open events, please make sure to show up early to get familiar with the mods.

You can subscribe to the required collection of mods on the Steam Workshop Steam Workshop::NAK Zeus WW2 Special Event Aug 17th to Aug 24th and the optional mod collection Steam Workshop::NAK Zeus WW2 Optional Special Event Aug 17th to Aug 24th.