Server Locked!

I tried to join the server and it required a password. So, I got on the TS to become an enlisted as it was locked and possibly get the password to join and play. I get on the server and I can not message anyone as the server disallows me to message anyone until I receive my tags. The only issue is I must be on the NAK ARMA 3 server to say I need an admin to receive my tags. I sign up as a NAK member on the site to use the message board and maybe someone will help me. Then GOLD pokes me saying, “You are not on any server.” I KNOW I AM NOT ON ANY SERVER! Then I start to make this post as I receive no help as I can’t poke to chat with anyone on the TS. Then GOLD bans me from the TS from disconnected by accident while also intentionally leaving another time to join some friends as they were not there I proceeded to join back to look at more info to see what else I could do to be able to join. The ban is as followed “<20:47:34> You were banned for 1 hour from the server by “G0lden” (Spam joining not in game - 1hr)” I am not faulting GOLD for banning me for join and leaving different times it is that he didn’t make an attempt to talk to me to see what was going on. I would like to play this server as I really like it. I understand there is an event going on and I did everything in my power to join the Server and receive my tags like I was supposed to. Please make it easier to receive permissions to enjoy this great ARMA 3 Server and TS Server.

We have special events that do require players to be part of the community, and we do lock the server for those events. Now that you have signed up to be part of the community you will be aware of those events. We had 4 servers running and only one was passworded. The event is now over and the server is unlocked.

We intentionally require players to be part of the community or be on one of our servers before receiving tags, as it prevents trolls from spamming the TS server.