SetDamage Count Restriction

Got kicked for this while messing around with different ammo types. Does anyone know what causes this? The rocket launcher is the RHS USAF SMAW. I think it has something to do with the spotting rounds but, that’s just a guess.


The solution is simple. Avoid using an excessive/unnecessary amount of explosives.

What concerns me more is the fact that you broke one of our rules:
RULE #17) No recording or streaming of TeamSpeak.

Keep that in mind whenever doing any recordings. We have a section for Streaming rules that should be helpful as it also contains a guide as to how to separate the in-game audio from the Teamspeak audio.

You’ll have to excuse me regarding the rule break, it’s a very rare rule and easy to forget, especially after returning to the server after a few months break. The original time this happened I was simply testing out the blast radius of different rocket types, It just so happened by not having any breaks between firing the rounds this occurred. Firing a large amount of explosives to trigger a kick or for the shits and giggles was not my MO.