Sgt. Tom Admin Application

Must Be 18.
Must have TeamSpeak 3 with working mic and speakers or headset.
Must have at least 80 hours on NAK servers.
No bans on NAK Squad servers.
No kicks on NAK Squad servers within 90 days.
Must Speak English.
Respectful, Trustworthy, Fair, Humble, Impartial, Diligent, Conscientious, Ethical, Dignified, Disciplined and Prudent.

Answer these questions. (All questions must be answered accurately and completely). Remember many of the other Admins will only have the information available here to make their decision. Consider this your Admin resume.

  1. Steam ID or Profile Link: 76561198177891390
  2. Age: 26
  3. Hours played on NAK servers.: 554~
  4. Total Arma 3 hours: 1,309.2
  5. What Is Your Current ArmA 3 Level of Experience: I used to run a community back in the Arma 2 day. I have some experience with Zeus. Expert knowledgeable for most common issues[/highlight]
  6. Recommendation from existing Admin (if applicable): I Don’t have a specific Admin however I get along with alot of Admins and they know me very well. I know when I have expressed interest in becoming a Admin most tell me to go for it.
  7. Reason for applying: (If your answer to this is anything like “to get rid of trolls” please reconsider your application): I am very active in this community and I enjoy being able to help New & Vectren Nak players. I also like to be more active and helpful to the community by keeping the servers safe and fun for all players helping prevent bad experiences.
    Questions are always being asked and I am quick to help when ever I can. I’ve also been with community for almost 3+ years
  8. List any real-world experience or skills that you feel would contribute to the NAK community: Professionalism, Hard Works, Creative, Problem Solver, Great Communicator.
  9. Estimated Activity (How active will you be as an Admin.): 3-5 Days a week between 10-30 hours
  10. Briefly list what you believe is involved in being an Admin on NAK servers: Someone who is willing to put game play aside to help a player with a issue they are experiencing or resolve a dispute or problem solve a any issues a member might have
  11. Provide any other information that might help us decide why you should be an Admin:I believe my dedication to this group is what will make me a great admin. Even when I go LOA for work I always come back I try to make as many events as I can. Anytime there is a Zues mission I am always there. I know when I was first on the server I wasn’t as serious and got into trouble but after playing with this group and getting to know almost everyone here I will make a great admin for the community.

+1 for me he is a great friendly teamplayer i have known him for the past 2 years i believe and he is actually a good guy funny but when it comes to bussiness he is serious about it

-1 chat log

    1. Chat logs

I withdraw my application