Short Speech (From My Heart) Giving Thanks to Zeusing on NAK, NAK Admins, and all of you guys :)

A pre-speech note: I will do my best to not spam enemy units at you guys unless I specifically say that will probably happen in my mission briefing.
(And now, I would like to take a moment and give a short speech giving thanks to Zeusing on NAK and you guys. Naturally, I wrote this on paper.)

I didn’t realize how much Zeusing on NAK meant to me until I was about to quit Zeusing three days ago. I was about to quit NAK. I was about to quit my heart. I was about to leave you guys. I was about to quit the reason I game today: To escape to a community that is more positive than my current life in crisis, which is in crisis not just due to the pandemic, but by the devastating personal events between my family and I that were caused by the evil pandemic…which I would rather not talk about at this moment. Now that I have been through my most challenging trial by fire in Zeusing yet, and I hope there won’t be a worse trial by fire and it will be smooth sailing here on out for all of us, I return stronger than before but at the same time more vulnerable to quitting if you know what I mean. I want to thank the admins of NAK for looking out for me and everyone, teaching me how to Zeus, pulling me aside to inform me of my mistakes and how I could improve, doing player teleports for me while I’m building my mission and in-game, keeping NAK up and running for everyone to join, and much more. I want to thank everyone for complimenting the missions I Zeus, giving me constructive criticism, no matter how scathing and unhappy so that I can learn, improve, and grow as a creator and a person. I want to thank you all for taking the time to play on my missions and believing in me even though I’ve let you guys down more than once. I only discovered Zeusing two weeks ago, and now I’ve discovered now that Zeusing in NAK is the most valuable place to me that I put my heart and creativeness in currently. NAK as a whole is a beautiful, friendly, and caring community that is a role model not just for gaming communities by for communities in the world. When I joined NAK last year, I had been unconsciously disconnecting myself from the friends I know in person. Now that the pandemic has hit, I have realized you guys are the only friends I have right now. You guys are beautiful people who have all faced your individual challenges and made it through them. You guys have hearts and souls of strength, goodwill, and caring. Don’t ever let anyone make you think otherwise. You guys inspire me. I have much to thank you all for. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Very beautiful speech. I agree and feel the same way on all of the points you made. This community can truly amaze me sometimes on the strong friendship bonds the players create between each other.

Although I didn’t have the pleasure to meet you in-game I’m looking forward to it! When it comes to your topic it describes my own relationship with NAK servers. I came here as a regular player, stayed around for quite some time, and despite I even left on several occasions I always ended up coming back here, it was sometimes a month, sometimes a couple of days, but I would eventually return.

As some of the matters in my personal life also went sideways (Before this pandemic situation) I decided to just get myself distracted and busy by investing in a cause that I enjoy. I’ve spent about 2 years on NAK servers, with a great community and took a step forward to help out a bit more to support this great place. I’m sure many other players feel the same way as we do.

It doesn’t even have to be the Zeus server strictly, I would say any of the servers that NAK offers, or has offered, always had this rather friendly and family-like behaviour that keeps dragging us back in!