Simple Inventory Overhaul - Denied

Date 11/24/2019
Name Oxide Swaym
Server Invade_and_Annex
Type Add
Name of Mod Simple Inventory Overhaul
Link to mod. Prefer Steam Link, but any link is acceptable. Steam Workshop::Simple Inventory Overhaul ory
Reason to add or remove mod.
I don’t know if you would consider this an unfail mod or not. It’s not like it will give the player significant power, it just makes it so your ‘uniform’ and your ‘vest’ have max inventory space. It does not let you carry as much as you want. It’s not the same as the unlimited inventory space mod, but it just boosts it by quite a bit.

Denied - The mod has some inappropriate (OP) values for some items. We have a task on our list to make our own mod that would do something very similar that would be within our guidelines. It should be released in a month or so. Look for it around Christmas.