Some basic tips!

i’m not a good zeus, but i see a lot of good ones, so… this is a couple of things I have seen from them!

First of all your job is to make a good mission for the player. Do not directly play against them, try to make a fun mission for them.

When controlling units. Don’t instantly run where your players are even though you know their position from zeus.

Never spawn anything in sight of the player.

Stay in contact with squad lead (simulating radio). heading in the story line.

Makes the battlefield more alive. (details).

Give them the characteristics of gear at the beginning, even before finishing preparing the mission (if possible and it is recommended to write it on the map to avoid having to repeat it with each new player) this will allow you to spend more time in game, than in loadout time.

One last thing in: end scenario, please try to get players to be in a situation where they can’t use their weapons against other players (example: end the scenario when they are inside a helicopter)

Like a say, i’m not a good zeus, but i admire player doing that role, because is four make other players have fun, and we need those to make this community stronger! so THANK YOU A LOT!

Looks good mate. Like you, I don’t Zeus either, but they are some very good tips that I have seen from competent Zeusers.